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Cities like Dubai attract a particular sort of people. I would certainly not go that far to describe them - as you hear sometimes - as “people that have more money than brains”. But amongst them are definitely people who get bored easily and start looking for new thrills and exquisite entertainment including top-notch call girls. Cheap sex is harder to come by than premium escorts in Dubai, a polar opposite to the rest of the world. Officially paid sex is haram (forbidden) and not permitted by the strict local Islamic laws. No wonder in a country where a couple kissing on the streets will be corrected by the police and consumption of alcohol in public can lead to immediate imprisonment. In Dubai the authorities turn a blind eye to what is happening in the hotel lobby bars, night clubs, sports and bars, restaurants and sometimes even out on the street where women from all over the world are on the same mission. You may call it the superlative of hypocrisy but in Dubai paying for sex has become has common as going a night to the movies. Actually it has become a national pastime. Most of the sex workers in that part of Emirates are independent, professional escorts since brothels or even more innocent erotic clubs out of the question for the local authorities. This is to say officially because under the radar operate lot of illegal bordellos as well. But sometimes even they stretch it too far such as the notorious whorehouse Cyclone near the airport, which was closed down by local authorities because the scene became too explicit. Don’t forget that even porn sites are illegal in Arab countries and get fished out and blocked by the government. So often also escorts related sites can suddenly be no longer accessible, at least from UAE territory. Often escort agencies dress up as a massage salon in order to be tolerated by the local authorities. But even then there is no guarantee they will never be closed down or at least blocked. Therefore it might be smart to collect and store some phone numbers and email addresses before your arrival to Dubai when you want to set up a date. In such cases a VPN service/app such as HideMyAss, which will enable you to cover up your real IP address could come in handy as a way to circumvent the local restrictions.

Always be careful when contacting individual girls and especially escort agencies in Dubai advertising on the internet. There is a huge number of websites targeting foreign men looking for escorts in Dubai, which clearly use fake pictures of photo models and porn actresses. Often they appear to be click bait sites run by Indian webmasters. Always check whether the images are genuine and not outdated or even stolen. Using reverse image search options of Google, Yandex Search or the special reverse image search engine TinEye ( could avoid huge disappointments. Asking for selfies of girls or requesting a video call upfront a meeting should also be part of your routine when setting up a meeting with an escort in these regions.

As for the variety of working girls in Dubai it’s limitless and depends solely on your budget. Your online search for escorts in Dubai can start at directories such as DubaiEscortscom ( or Dubai Escort Stars (, but better be quick before they get blocked or shut down entirely. On the directory site there is a very handy option to filter girls on nationality and it gives a good impression of how cosmopolitan escorting in Dubai is nowadays. The Asian continent is very well represented in the local escort scene and without problems you can find girls from India, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, China, Japan and Thailand. Especially Chinese and Philippine prostitutes are usually on the cheaper end of the market with prices starting from €30. Furthermore there are many African women, especially from Nigeria, who hop over on a tourist visa and make a career as sex worker and are meeting up with locals and foreigners in Dubai’s hotel lobbies and bars.

Two escorts on airport touring to Dubai

It's hard to imagine any other city in the world that attracts so many touring escorts as Dubai

As you can imagine the influx of Eastern European women in the local commercial sex scene is huge. And I mean really huge. There must be 10,000s of stunning women from Ukraine, Russia, Baltic countries, Czech Republic and other countries who are on escort tours to Dubai. Many agencies, which are offering escort girls in Dubai operate even under Russian or Ukrainian phone numbers and dates can be arranged via WhatsApp or Viber. Elite Escort Angels ( is of the many Russia based agencies with loads of Russian and Ukrainian stunners and browsing the glamorous picture galleries of the dazzling beauties on the site is already a treat on its own. There are also many girls doing escorting work in Dubai who organize everything, such as logistics, accommodation and advertising on their own. In their own countries they often have already hooked up with rich local guys or expats via Instagram or Facebook. They will not call themselves even an escort but the money and presents they receive exceeds the revenues of a regular escort agency in their own country. Of course there are also hookers from the Middle East, even Iran, and other Arab countries. Often they are the most expensive escorts since they need to compensate for the serious risks they face like sky-high financial penalties, jail or even worse, due to outrageous strict Muslim laws. A lady who is actively promoting herself via Instagram and other social media is Malika Melekaeva ( Malika is originally from St. Petersburg and her exotic and sensational looks come from a blend of Russian and Persian roots. Between her trips around the globe she resides most of the time in Dubai. Malika is labeled as a queen of Instagram and can be booked as a high class (travel) companion. On her site and in her social media profiles there are no explicit references to escorting or erotic services but she is advertising on some international escort directories, which says a lot.

There is an excellent article about the flourishing prostitution scene in Dubai in the Guardian ( It contains a very adequate description of what has become a big money making machinery with its downsides as well. There is for example a whole industry of middlemen who buy residence visas from locals and make huge profits on selling them to foreign girls. Residence visas, which can be valid for 3 years change each time of owner for fees of $5,000 with significant cuts for the sellers. No need to say this makes it a very profitable business, even for the wealthy locals. Hotel reception employees get tips for allowing ladies to accompany the male customers to their hotel room. The same goes for security staff and bouncers at clubs and bars for letting in working girls because otherwise the male clientele will go elsewhere for a night out. And local police officers are bribed by club owners for looking into the other direction. The paid-for-sex scene in Dubai Is like a big conspiracy; a million or even billion dollar business and everyone wants his or her piece of the cake. A rough but reliable estimation is that are at least 30,000 sex workers in Dubai. After a few weeks many girls can return with an amount of cash that equals a fortune in their own country, that is if they have not spend all hard earned money in Dubai’s shopping malls, tax free shops and posh restaurants. There’s really no ceiling, no top to the prices. I personally knew a girl that sold herself in Dubai for two years, came back home, built a huge house and lived happily ever since. It’s mind-boggling.

Dubai street prostitute scouting for clients

Many Chinese and Filipino women are working on the streets of Dubai

Different routes can lead to finding an escort in Dubai but the most obvious way is to look around in hotel lobbies and bars, night clubs and restaurants. Notorious hotels for having a large supply of working girls are York International Hotel (, Byblos Hotel ( and Majestic Hotel Tower Dubai ( There will always be a bunch of attractive women lurking and giving you “the look”. But if you’re still a bit oblivious, you can also check with hotel staff or taxi driver where you can find working girls. Some hotels are well known for attracting prostitutes from specific region. The (new) Moscow Hotel ( is for instance a popular hangout of eastern European ladies while the Ascot Hotel ( is typically a place you should check if you fancy Filipino girls. Logically, the golden rule is the more expensive the hotel, the more expensive the bar girls. In the upscale hotel Fairmont Dubai ( you will mostly meet ladies who play in the premium league and know their market price.

There are no clearly defined spots to look for street working girls in Dubai, although the Al Nasr Square is notorious for being frequented infested by cheap Filipino and Chinese working girls. Especially in Deira and Bur Dubai, and other old parts of the city, Chinese women have their hunting grounds in the lobbies of three-star hotels or even out on the streets. This could offer good options if you cannot spend too much cash. But what has brought you to Dubai anyway when you are tight on budget? By any means, no matter you hook up with a high class escort or street hooker, I strongly encourage you to keep your wits about you and always carry a rubber.

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