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Escorts in Bali are the core of Indonesian sex tourism. Working as an escort in Denpasar is a dream job for many girls living in rural parts of the island. No wonder if you consider the flood of wealthy expats in the capital. They spend in one night what an entire Indonesian family could live on during one month. Denpasar is a great base for freelance escorts who want to go elsewhere on the island. Travelling to nearby beach resorts takes half an hour at the most and the demand never runs low. It’s busy even during the monsoon season. It’s great, for the most part. Most escorts in Denpasar are locals, but several of the world’s top touring girls also love these parts. Eastern European hookers tend to freelance in nightclubs. Prostitution is everywhere; it’s more than “tolerated”. It might be illegal in most parts of Bali like Denpasar, but it’s regulated in Kuta. As if the legalities were more like guidelines than actual law.

Balinese escort wearing sexy red lingerie

The Balinese capital Denpasar and especially the tourist resorts near Kuta and Sanur are very popular with Balinese and other Indonesian escorts

Different escorts work in different parts of the island. Those in Seminyak or Kuta charge noticeably more than the escorts in Denpasar. They’re usually hotter and provide better service. Agencies like Jodoh ( and Myth ( should give you an overview of what you can expect from escorts in Denpasar. So count on fake photos and inflated prices of around $200 for an hour. There are no directories outside of the major international ones. That doesn’t mean there are no freelance escorts in Denpasar. Quite the contrary: everything revolves around clubs and bars, actually a little bit like Bangkok with a similar club and bar prostitution scene. Clubs and streets of Kuta are swarmed by young Indonesian girls looking to make some extra money. The Sky Garden mega club is the top dog here right now. This is the place where things get wild.

Indonesian freelance working girls in club on Bali

Many freelance Indonesian escorts roam the bars and clubs on Bali

Ask about the rules at the actual bar or club you find yourself in. Most girls out there will be more than happy to follow you to a hotel room for anything between $40 and $100. Seminyak takes it even further. It’s also a party city, but on the more sophisticated side. You will find plenty of five-star hotels instead of hostels, rooftop bars and Michelin-starred restaurants. This is where the hottest escorts hang around as well. Kuta and Sanur are cities with a prominent illegal brothel action. They’re called the X-Houses because they paint an X on a building's number plate. They are not supposed to be very welcoming spots to foreigners; brothels are mostly for locals here. Tourists should pass on brothels and street prostitution in Denpasar, in my opinion. Prices starting at $10 a pop can be alluring, but you’re better off sticking to less shady venues.

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