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São Paulo with its stunning women and almost completely legal prostitution is a true promised land for sexpats. Everything goes, except for brothels. But you already know how it goes: when there’s demand, there’s also the supply. Brothels are there and top-of-the-line escorts appear in talk shows. Prostitution is recognized as a legitimate occupation in Brazil and São Paulo might be the sex business capital of South America. Online escorts are very popular, São Paulo is the financial center of Brazil, so there is no shortage of wealthy clients for escorts to service. I like how escort agencies such as My Escort Girls ( showcase natural beauty in the oversaturated market of enhanced sex workers. Most escorts on Club Model ( are “improved” in one way or another.

Sao Paulo escort showing off her sexy curves

Escorts in Sao Paulo: stunning women and legalised business

Many upscale escorts operate from Bairro Jardin, one of the wealthier neighborhoods of São Paulo. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against plastic surgery, I am actually a fan. Take a look at MClass (, in my opinion, one of the better online escort directories in Brazil. I like how the girls provide selfies and stuff besides to the usual info. The hourly differs depending on the escort. It can be as low as $50 for a starting amateur or as high as $1000 for one of those pornstars with tan lines.

There used to be a red-light district around Vila Augusta but it recently became a nightlife central for São Paulo. You can still find some hookers and brothels around the southern parts of this district. Nowadays the entire city is a red-light district, you can find sex everywhere depending on the size of your pockets. Streetwalkers of higher quality still hang around Augusta. Those of lower quality stick to the train station and surround parks.

Sao Paulo street prostitute negotiating with customer in street by night

In Sao Paulo even street prostitution is of a good quality

Street prostitutes in São Paulo take care of themselves and are quite attractive, for the most part. It’s not all junkies and alcoholics like in some other parts of the world. Sex with a prostitute on the streets of São Paulo (or “in the field”) should never cost you more than $50.

Girls that are, more or less, fluent in English will be looking out for the “gringos”. Foreigners are sought-after and somewhat of a delicacy in the eyes of “Paulistanas” thus bars around Vila Madalena are full of freelance hookers. The thing about women in São Paulo is that they fall into two categories.

Beautiful Sao Paulo girl sipping cocktail in bar

In many bars in Sao Paulo you can find "Gringo hunters"; local girls trying to hook up with foreigners

You have the ones that hate foreigners and will either provide horrible service or straight up refuse. “The Gringo Hunters” are the other category and that’s what we’re looking for. Bars like Pirajá ( at Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 64 are a good place to look for some “girl next door” kind of girls. Posh bars such as Skye Bar on the roof of Hotel Unique at Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, are where the upscale $1000/h chicks look for clients

Girl taking cash money in Sao Paulo brothel

In Sao Paulo illegal bordellos go under the name Privê

Brothels are all over São Paulo, I assume the government doesn’t care about legalities all that much. A privê is what they call a regular bordello in São Paulo. A place when you wake up confused not remembering a thing from a night out. They’re cheap and you pay by the hour ($70-120) but privês are usually ran-down apartments in the bad parts of town.

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